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Short-Term Fund Management

Faithful & Wise 

Fund Management

Let our experienced team help manage your resources and expand your ministry efforts through our Short-Term Fund management services.


Why Provision?

Personal Fund Management with a Personal Touch

Experience the peace of knowing that your church’s financial assets are in capable hands. Our dedicated team combines expertise with a personal touch, providing you with the financial guidance you need. 

Bookkeeping Relief

Let our team offer accurate and simple reporting, allowing you and your team to focus on your ministry’s core mission.

Tailored Investment Options

Choose from a range of investment options, including the Provision Fund, the Equity Fund, the Fixed Income Fund, or the Render Capital Fund. Tailor your investment strategy to match your church’s goals and financial needs.

Flexibility in Contributions

Unlike restrictive bank CDs, you can add funds to your investment at any time in any amount. This flexibility ensures your church can make the most of your financial resources.

Low Management Fee

Our annual management fee is just 0.65%, which supports the ministry and mission of Provision. 

Redemptive Investing Program

Provision employs a Redemptive Investing program across all our investments. We employ various strategies to ensure our investments are aligned with Christian Principles and carefully evaluate their impact on the common good and advancement of the gospel.

How to Start

Schedule a time to speak with a member of our team.



Let our team build a strategy that works for you.



Transform lives through your ministry impact.



Additional Resources

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