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Make a Lasting Impact

Make a lasting impact that will be felt for generations by establishing a dedicated endowment fund in your name or someone dear to you.

Additional Resources

How to Start

Connect with a member of our team by phone or in person. This initial meeting will allow us to answer any questions you have about establishing an endowment.

Contact Us


Our team will begin to collect information and put together document drafts for your endowment. You will fund your endowment by selecting from a variety of assets and choose the beneficiary who will receive income from the gift in perpetuity.

Establish the Endowment


In addition to receiving a charitable tax deduction, you will see the impact your gift is making in the life of the Christian causes and organizations you selected to receive funds, which will continue long after your passing. 

Make an Impact


Looking to create an endowment (personal, church, or modified)? Let our team help. We can provide you with legal documents and encouragement that will help you state a purpose for your fund, outline how it will be administered, and how income generated by the fund is used. 



Types of

Personal Endowment

By establishing a personal endowment fund in your name or in honor of someone special to you, you can support the Christian causes and organizations you care about. 

Church Endowment

Church endowments create income a church can use for its mission without spending the principal. It is a method of generosity that guarantees a church will have money to carry out gospel-advancing initiatives. 

Modified Endowment

Modified endowments are different from personal and church endowment funds because you can select the term of years (5 years minimum or greater) that the endowment is to last. 


For example, on a 15-year term endowment, 1/15th of the fund will be distributed in the first year, 1/14th in the 2nd year, 1/13th in the 3rd year, etc. Contributions are fully tax-deductible when made, and the fund may be added to at any time. 

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